New Work from Woeser

A sample of Woeser’s recent work is posted here, together with links to the Chinese originals (mostly on the poet’s blog). The English versions have been provided by A. E. Clark and are copyright by Ragged Banner Press. Please do not cut and paste entire texts onto your website. Fair−use excerpts with hyperlinks to this page are greatly appreciated.


The Fear in Lhasa (23 August 2008)
2005–2008: Nothing left but a windblown flame (23 December 2008)
Traces of the Tibetan Year of the Rat (August 2014)


“Is power all you need to make your views prevail?”  (7 April 2009)
“The only thing that scares me is when they come to ‘aid Tibet’” (20 November 2008)

(On the occasion of the Special meeting in Dharamsala:)

Different views of the way ahead (4 November 2008)
Some details about Tibet in China (8 November 2008)
Cast aside illusions (12 November 2008)
Engagement and Vision (26 November 2008)
The Damshung earthquake does not call for thanks (9 October 2008)
Sweet tea and toxic milk (18 September 2008)
Teaching patriotism in Tibet (16 July 2008)
An Olympics that has been not only politicized but tribalized  (16 August 2008)