"For fifty years, Tibet has been a largely silent world, one where no Tibetan speaks out openly. But in 2003 the Tibetan poet Woeser stepped forward from the shadows with Notes on Tibet, a set of uniquely frank essays on modern life which, though quickly suppressed, were followed by major works of poetry, reportage, history, and cyberjournalism. She found herself compelled to move from Lhasa to Beijing, where, under constant harassment by the authorities, she has continued, as if without fear, to produce work that is honest, lyrical, and daring.

"This collection of her poems, translated with great care and elegance by A. E. Clark, allows outsiders for the first time to hear a Tibetan voice speaking eloquently from inside Tibet about such forbidden subjects as imprisonment, injustice, and Tibetan history, as well as about life, love, memory, faith, and loss. She brings a passionate engagement and a keen sensibility to the felt experience of contemporary Tibetan life."

Robert Barnett
Director, Modern Tibetan Studies Program, Columbia University
Author, Lhasa: Streets with Memories

"It is a remarkable volume of poetry with translations that do justice to an eloquent, moving literary voice."

Dechen Pemba
High Peaks Pure Earth

"Tibet’s True Heart is a wonder in many ways. Through memorable and moving images, Woeser helps us understand the complexity of her feelings about being Tibetan and about life in Tibet and China. Reading her poems, I find not only ‘Tibet’s True Heart’ but also Woeser’s — and my own."

Flora M. Biddle
Author, The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made

"Tibetan poet Woeser is a dissident living and writing in Beijing. But despite the fact that her books are banned in China and her blogs are blocked, Woeser’s magnificent poems are bright leaves floating on a dark stream. Free of political rhetoric, her poetry forms a picture of a woman grieving for her homeland and her people, and at the same time deepening in spiritual belief. Offered to the reader in arresting detail, her images gleam with truth, as fresh as if they were conceived just now — or a moment ago."

Linda Donn
Author, The Little Balloonist

"Ragged Banner Press has done a great service to Tibetans and those who embrace the Tibetan cause by publishing these poems, which are at once beautiful, poignant and wrenching. I really appreciate the detailed notes, which are a valuable reference work in themselves."

Eliot Pattison
Author of the Inspector Shan series that includes Prayer of the Dragon and Beautiful Ghosts

" Woeser’s book of selected poems, Tibet’s True Heart, translated by A.E. Clark, offers the reader a voice that is fierce and clear, yet full of magic (“a fish swimming in water, a fish flying in heaven”) and deep with grief, not least for the poet's country and for her people. (“So one should write, if only that they be remembered”).  There is throughout an eloquent, embracing resonance.  This is a lovely book."

Reeve Lindbergh
Author, Forward From Here and Under a Wing